Artzept 2017 – KITCHEN GADGETS
Zepter International renews its commitment to sponsor young artists and designers Worldwide. Learn more about the new theme, and send you application!
Artzept 2016 – The Art of Frames
The winners of the Artzept 2016
The Art of Frames have been selected by the Jury! Find the names of the awarded artists, and the special mentions of the Jury here. For the complete list of artists of the 2016 competition read more on
BIOPTRON: Ultimate anti-aging solution

BIOPTRON was featured during workshops to experts in aesthetic dermatology, plastic surgeons and anti-aging professionals by Dr. Jasmina Lalosevic who revealed evidence of how BIOPTRON can heal various medical problems and help skin to fight aging processes.
Superpower for Hair Perfection
The new DryFast is here. For any hair type and style your best choice.
Fresh Deo by Zepter
What a lovely summer feeling.
The power of freshness ready to be discovered. Enjoy the pureness all day long on your skin.
The Three-Way Faucet
All your water needs in one solution.
Choose Pearl or Swan and enjoy healthy drinking water.
La Danza
2 new serums to fall in love with
Try the new La Danza anti-ageing serums, follow the rhythm of beauty!
Montecarlo Engineering Racing Team
Zepter is on the winners side - for a better future and a healthier life
Congratulations to Zepter Serbia
on the 'Award for technical improvement of Air Protection'
presented by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Serbian Association for the Air Protection!
Well done Zepter Kazakhstan!
During the exhibition"Astanazdorovie"
Zepter International Kazakhstan has received the award for The Best Stand in the exhibition.
The new Philip for men
A skincare line specially designed for the modern and active men of the 21st century.
Discover the power of snow algae and rediscover yourself.
Zepter International - 15 years Main Sponsors of Grand Prix de Monaco
Monaco is not a Grand Prix like the others.
Close to the sea, between mega yachts and chicanes, appreciated by many drivers, but also feared for its many difficulties. An exceptional location of glamour and prestige.
IIHF 2015 - Winners make smart life choices!
Zepter International supporting healthy living
and great professional sports is one of the main sponsors of the IIHF 2015. Amazing games and beautiful atmosphere - 2 weeks of highlights.
Have a look at the awarding ceremony
Try Ristretto – new creamy Italian coffee flavor.
Indulge yourself with the unique ZE-PRESSO CAFÉ collection.
The Zepter Apart Hotel is now open!
Welcome to the oasis of luxury and health and unique Zepter lifestyle!
Philip Zepter Timepieces – Axiom
Visionary with passion for perfection, extraordinary design and top quality.
BIOPTRON receives the ultimate recognition

BIOPTRON receives the ultimate recognition - The Anti-aging Beauty Trophy for the best energy based device
Zepter International fights against cancer
Zepter International fights against cancer
and is the general partner of the Foundation of Dagmar and Václav Havel - Vize 97, for the early diagnostic and prevention of colorectal cancer.
New UK Office
 New UK offices now open.

New offices for Tuttoluxo Ltd, Zepter International's UK prescence are now open at:
1st Floor, Masters House
107 Hammersmith Road
London  W14 0QH
Telephone: 020 7603 0811

The new offices are located on the Hammesmith road, between Hammersmith (Tube and Bus stations) and the Olympia Exhibition Centre in Kensigton.

Wake up and smell the coffee
Ze-presso Café gives you an authentic café experience in the comfort of your own home.
Enjoy the unexpected. Join us on board ‘joyMe.
Enjoy the unexpected. Join us on board ‘joyMe.
'joyMe is a fifty metre yacht that pushes the boundaries of conventional yacht design and is the embodiment of a dream and a philosophy that defines Zepter International and impresses the over 80,000,000 satisfied users of Zepter products worldwide.
Medal Of Honor
Philip Zepter, President and founder of Zepter International, joins the ranks of only five non-U.S.citizens who have been awarded the prestigious Ellis Island Medal of Honor 2011 for his genuine philanthropic support and unique Mission of Health
VacSy: the new look for the new decade
The revolutionary food Vacuum System steps into fashion colour
Active Spa Soft Scrub Emulsion
It is time for skin renewal!
Active Spa Soft Scrub Emulsion, with ingredients extracted from the ocean, Paraben Free
International Business Conference
Zepter: The Golden Age
Exclusive report from the Zepter International Business Conference in the land of the pharaohs.
Intensive Anti-cellulite treatment
Get the perfect shape for the summer!
Intensive Anti-cellulite treatment: lose up to 4.6 cm from your thighs!
Masterpiece Cookware
Better Health, better shape
No salt - no fat with Masterpiece Cookware revolutionary cooking system
Zepter Lifestyle Milano
The new home of luxury and elegance
Zepter opens its latest concept store in Milan's fashionable shopping district.
Allowing you to clean your home and be healthier in a flash
TUTTOLUXO 6S is the complete cleaning system that lets you disinfect anything, anywhere.
The new wave of light therapy
Building on the Nobel-Prize winning research of Ryberg Finsen, BIOPTRON has brought light therapy into the 21st century.